There are millions of business owners who are trying to figure out this whole marketing thing…

The majority of them are primarily wondering how they’re going to create content that’s going to capture the attention of those who fall within their target audience.

Well, I have a secret.

There are gold mines of content that may be sitting RIGHT under your nose and you’re not even aware of it.

1. Your Inbox

Throughout the year, other businesses and brands have successfully captured your attention AND your contact information.

They took that information and began to market directly to you via email marketing and social media retargeting.

The cool part about going into your inbox and looking at these messages is that you’ll observe some of the tactics that they’re using to grow their digital businesses!

Check out this video with some examples!

2. Facebook Ads Library

You may not have known this, but you can click on an Ad that’s being presented to you within your feed, go to that company’s business page, and review all of the ads that they’re currently running.

The cool part about doing this, is that you can review their ad copy AND the landing and sales pages that the ads are leading people to!

Check out this video with some examples!

Overall, I’m a HUGE fan of ‘not re-inventing wheels’. If you consistently look closely, you’ll see that there are clues and valuable information ALL around you!

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