Towards the end of 2015, social media began to release more and more features encouraging users to “Go Live”. These features encompassed people’s ability to publish content real-time and engage with other users real-time through video and audio.

One of the reasons these features began to take off was because studies shows that there was a thing called “social friction” which highlighted the activity of people capturing FAR more media than they published due to insecurities and other social response reasons. Going LIVE eliminated that.

There were also elements of ephemeralism which introduced the “Fear of Missing Out” behavioral characteristics of how we engage.

Overall, LIVE is a good thing. Here are some of the top reasons, you as a business owner, should go live more often.

“The Algorithm”

Going LIVE encourages engagement. Social Media platforms benefit from your ability to get others to engage because it keeps people with the respective app open for longer periods of time. Due to this fact alone, the business owners who go live more often will become more relevant according to the highly complex contextual social media algorithms as opposed to just posting content.

The more relevant you are, the more you will appear in other people’s feeds.

Direct Engagement

If you’d like to craft a more effective messaging for your target audience, it’s important to directly engage with them. Going live enables you to have real-time conversations with an audience to capture their thoughts, questions, inquiries, and other things that you may not otherwise receive in purely outbound media.

Audiences enjoy having the ability to ask you questions and to observe your response realtime.

Confidence and Posture

Going live more often will force you to improve your posture and confidence in your subject matter expertise. The platform is yours, so the power to either promote yourself or exposure yourself is also yours. The energy that you exude when you’re on a live feed can showcase your knowledge, skills and abilities in ways that written or just purely visual content can’t.

If you’re a small business owner and you’re having trouble with going live, I’d love to schedule a session with you to go through your (1) Live Content, (2) Schedule, (3) Tone, (4) Format, and (5) Posture so you can utilize these capabilities to grow your business.

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