Holding yourself accountable is NOT easy…

That’s why it’s important to have a framework or process that you can easily follow… Introducing my 4-Step Self-Accountability Challenge for Creatives, like you, seeking more revenue.

What will I be covering in the Webinar?

What we’ll be covering inside of the Challenge:

  • Why Self-Accountability is THEE most important trait you can possess as an entrepreneur
  • How to view Accountability the way it should be viewed
  • Ways to make Self-Accountability easier to manage
  • Positioning yourself to know what to hold yourself accountable to

Reasons to NOT join the Challenge

Look. I know this seems like just another challenge, and trust me… I feel you.

BUT… You’re on this very page because that word “accountability” may have struck a nerve, big or small.

We all know that if we have someone literally on our @$$, it makes us do what we have to do. Which is why entrepreneurship can be hard. No one is on us telling us that we NEED to do what we said we’re going to do.

It’s natural. That used to be me.

Until I realized that being able to set up mechanisms to hold myself accountable enabled me to literally become my own boss.


Here are a few people who I believe aren’t ready to join a Self-Accountability Challenge:

1. You have the “I Got This” Syndrome

If you’ve never heard this term before, it’s referring to those DIY’ers who attempt to do everything themselves without seeking any help.

“But Mike… aren’t you teaching people how to be SELF-Accountable?”

Me: YES!! Exactly!

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