Business Owners around the world are trying to figure out the holy grail of marketing so they can easily get clients and grow their business.

Business owners would go at lengths to get clients from spending thousands of dollars on ads, to setting up highly complex funnels using inbound software and all sorts of tools and scripts.

The reality in 2020 is that the world is regressing a bit in terms of how people are responding to advertising and visual lead capturing mechanisms.

We’re becoming immune to the “Landing Page > Enter your Email”… We’re becoming immune to the “Advertisement > FREE Webinar”… We’re becoming immune to the “Discounts”.

What we’re beginning to see is more human approaches towards growing sales and amplifying marketing efforts now, which brings me to my point.

The absolute BEST form of marketing that has proven the test of time is….


Referral Marketing is the approach to marketing that requires one to create a solid, robust referral network that consistently sends you qualified leads based on the trust and relationship that they already have with specific individuals.

One of the challenges to marketing is that timing, positioning and source play a huge role in whether or not someone is going to respond to whatever you’re doing to get them to do business with you.

If someone just bought a house, you most likely won’t be very successful at getting them to purchase another one at the moment.

If someone just purchased a car, you most likely won’t be able to get them to buy another one just for the hell of it.

But now, if someone was at the dinner table with a friend and mentions that they were thinking about buying a car…. Your likelihood of getting that person as a client that referral was made is almost GUARANTEED!

I’ve operated my business for YEARS off of purely referral marketing, however there were some keys to ensuring you’re doing it right…

And that is why I’ve put together one of my most exciting trainings for small business owners to learn how to effectively create a referral network, and to ensure that the network is working for you.

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