Why Jada Pinkett Smith is genius… as a marketer

Published On: October 16th, 2023
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If you’ve been on ANY social media platform lately, I’m sure you’ve seen countless memes and posts about the infamous Jada Pinkett Smith…

While so many people are dragging her name through the mud, the reality is that Jada is learning a thing or two from the Donald Trumps of the world… who know that in the grand scheme of things, whether famous or infamous… it really doesn’t matter because they both can lead you to achieve the same goals.

It’s no different in marketing.

In marketing, the first battle you better get damn good at winning is the battle for people’s attention. And sometimes, that attention can come through agitating the hell out of people.

Far too many entrepreneurs aim to be liked by all, while only selling to a few. Meanwhile, there are entrepreneurs who are stirring every pot they can and uncovering tons of opportunities in the process.

I’ve learned a gem or two in this arena and I’m excited to share a few of these lessons.

There are buttons worth pressing in people within your industry…

Listen, there are prospects and leads who need your products and services, but they haven’t been agitated enough to consume it or even inquire for that matter.

Sometimes, you have to cause a little bit of pain by pressing some buttons. You have to say some things that cause curiosity… or even better… an emotional response.

Jada has been pressing the hell out of buttons lately at the expense of Will’s reputation, yet in light of the opportunity to have millions of people wondering what information and thoughts she’s going to be sharing in her book.

Sometimes, you have to press buttons…

Donald Trump won the presidency because he found a base of people who didn’t feel heard and he pressed the hell out of buttons that got these people out to the polls. Those buttons are still pressed to this very day.

Regardless of what field or industry you’re in, you are solving problems. Sometimes the problems you’re solving are bigger than you may initially think it is.

It’s the consumer who has a perception of how large a problem is. BUT…. oftentimes, it’s up to you to press some buttons so they realize it.

Whatever sparks conversation can also spark conversions

While these Jada meme’s are funny, it’s damn sure sparking conversations. And while more people are sparking conversations with Jada’s name in it, you’d be naive to think that it’s not leading to conversions for her.

In marketing, you must become skilled at sparking conversations that incite opinions and feelings. This will lead to people making emotional decisions… but a decision nonetheless.

If you were to think about prospective customers in your industry, I’m sure one of the biggest competitors that you have are not OTHER businesses… I’d guess it’s inaction. It’s people not being agitated enough to solve the very problem that your solution addresses.

Start conversations… even if it agitates. You just need to get into people’s mouths, whether they like it or not.

Ain’t no shame in the game… as long as you keep playing

There are so many things that aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners need to realize when getting into this game.

First… realize it’s a numbers game. Be ok with the odds.

In Jada’s case… YES… a LARGE majority of people will hate her, but at the end of the day, her book sales and follow-on opportunities are really all that matters at this point.

Doesn’t make any sense losing opportunity by avoiding shame.

If you’re a business owner or entrepreneur, sometimes this presents it self as you not putting yourself out there or facing the world because you want to avoid shame. You want to avoid being exposed. You may want to avoid being seen a certain way by people you may know.

All while, there may be opportunities that are just waiting for you to be vulnerable and cause a stir-up.

Those who know me would tell you that I enjoy agitating people if I believe there are good outcomes that would come from the conversations that stemmed from it.

Whenever I get on this topic, I always bring up being raised in a Trinidadian household and having to drink Senna Tea once in a while. Senna tea is like a strong laxative and it was only until my adult years that I did some research to find out what Senna Tea actually was. Senna has this chemical called sennacides in it, and when it gets in contact with your gastrointestinal lining, it agitates the hell out of it, which in turn causes a laxative effect.

Making you want to defecate… and you know what?… many people reading this post needs to defecate a lot of stuff professionally, personally, spiritually, emotionally, and financially.


Go out and agitate some folks… it’ll spark conversation and potentially get you some clients.  😜

Want some help agitating some folks?

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