Hey! I’m Mike Felix!

Mike Felix is a Full Stack Marketer and Sales Coach specializing in growing small businesses revenue online and enabling them to scale using sales technology. Mike started his digital career by designing and developing websites for business owners nationwide. While developing websites was a key skill that many businesses value, it merely served as a bandaid to underlying issues that clients possessed. These issues ranged from sales to product development and logistics. After recognizing that there is a plethora of moving parts for a business in the digital world, Mike decided to change his business model to directly address the digital business developmental needs of his clients.

His work has led to the generation of over $4MM in sales across all of his clients for the year 2018 alone, and he has more aggressive goals for his clients in the year 2020. He is committed to positively impacting his client’s ability to scale their business through leveraging his knowledge, skills and abilities and enabling them to amplify their efforts. Mike Felix is the Co-Founder of Guerrilla Launch, a digital micro-agency specializing in marketing and sales coaching. He was also integral in the formation of a number of local community organizations including Black Orlando Tech, which is focused on building the black tech startup community in Central Florida.

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