Mike Felix

Mike Felix is an Engineer turned Digital Sales Coach who specializes in growing online businesses through Coaching, Digital Marketing, Design/Development and Sales Pipelines.


Digital Sales Coaching

Digital Sales Coaching comprises developing a customized sales process for entrepreneurs who struggle with converting leads.


Lead Generation

Lead Generation is the process of creating sales bait that will ultimately result in potential clients information being generated.



Marketing serves as the front end of a sales pipeline. Mike serves as a sophisticated marketer who works to execute Lean Marketing activities.


New Venture Consulting

Entrepreneurs oftentimes have issues articulating and ideating their ventures. Mike Felix provides ideation and planning services for entrepreneurs with new ventures.

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Why Work With

Mike Felix

Possesses Years of Experience and Expertise in Digital Sales, Marketing and Business Development.

Growth Clients

Felix has a number of clients who have exhibited massive growth due to the implementation of his methods.


Felix focuses on making things as simple as possible so both his clients and results are understood.

Experience in Business

Mike has over 10 years of experience in exercising advanced and sophisticated business development methodologies

Always Moving Forward

Let’s always be moving forward.