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About Mike

Michael Felix is an Engineer turned Digital Sales Coach with a passion for scaling solopreneur ventures and non-profit organizations. Michael began his entrepreneurial career by consulting small businesses nationwide and decided to scale his message by developing platforms for founders to not only learn from his lessons but also to learn from each other.

Sales Coaching

Entrepreneurs and Leaders need to drive results through moving people to action.


When operating a business, you must always have elements of your business that serve to attract your target market.


Creating a business can be difficult if you're not solving the right problems. I serve as an ideator to develop businesses


It's important to have your brand deliver the right message.

What does Mike Felix do?

Mike Felix started his digital career by designing and developing websites for business owners nationwide. While developing websites is a key skill that many businesses value, it merely served as a bandaid to underlying issues that clients possessed. These issues ranged from sales to product development and logistics. After recognizing that there is a plethora of moving parts for a business in the digital world, Michael decided to change his business model to directly address the digital business developmental needs of his clients.


Michael’s work has led to the generation of over $1.8MM in sales across all of his clients for the year 2016 alone, and he has more aggressive goals for his clients in the year 2017. He is committed to positively impacting his client’s ability to scale their business through leveraging his knowledge, skills and abilities and enabling them to amplify their efforts. Mike Felix is the Co-Founder of SFG Digital, a digital micro-agency specializing in marketing and sales coaching. He is also the Founder of Digital Sales Geeks,
an online community and Body of Knowledge for Digital experts seeking to grow their consultancies.

Some of my Core Skills

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Business Coaching0%


Cups of Coffee Daily


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Words about Mike

Mike’s Thoughts

People who know Mike have an appreciation for his non-traditional perspective on topics ranging from business to politics even to relationships. These blog posts will give you a greater sense of who he is along with a taste of his viewpoints on various subject matters.

Let’s Get In Touch

You can use any of the following methods to get in touch with me.


1001 North Orange Ave Orlando, FL 32801



Contact Mike And Say Hello

I am definitely looking forward to connecting with you in one way or another. Something led you to my page, so I’m fairly confident that there is some way we can work together in the future.

I am currently receiving requests for:

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